Gotomylunch is the solution for caterers and schools looking for an effective way to replace paper menus and increase lunch participation.

Managing school lunches manually is hard.
Gotomylunch makes it a breeze.


Why Gotomylunch?

Gotomylunch’s mission is to become the easiest and most efficient lunch system for caterers and schools. We understand how complicated it can be to create lunch menus, process orders, run reports, print labels, get paid, etc. There’s a lot to do, and even for a small school it can be overwhelming.

Gotomylunch was created in partnership with a food service provider with real world users with problems to solve. We learned and are still learning from our users, and we continue to take their feedback to heart, converting problems into solutions.


Is Gotomylunch the right choice?

We believe that differentiation is one of the best strategies a business can have in a world filled with competition, and we recognize that every business has different challenges and require different solutions. With that in mind, we are focusing our efforts on caterers and schools who produce and deliver pre-paid lunches. If your lunch program used or still uses paper menus, we are confident that Gotomylunch is the right solution for you.


How we do it

After your account is created and configured, you will be ready to build lunch menus and accept orders.
See below how it works:

Create Lunch Menus

Create menus in minutes using our drag and drop menu builder. It is as easy as dragging items from a list into the school calendar.


Make new menus available to your customers by changing the status from draft to published.

Notify Parents

With just one click, parents will receive emails notifications about the published menus, and can start placing orders.

Collect Orders

Orders will start to pile up quickly. Now just relax and watch the money go to the bank. Lunch menus can be configured to not accept orders after deadline and avoiding confusion of last minute orders.

Generate Reports & Labels

Print labels and reports to help manage production and delivery. Sample reports are: daily sheet production, items ordered by school, labels for individual lunches, etc.

Production & Delivery

With reports and labels in hand, you’re ready for lunch production and delivery.

Manage Multiple Schools

Whether you manage lunches for one school or many, our system can handle it all in the same account with simplicity, efficiency and low cost.

No Hardware or Software to install

Our web-application is fully compatible with any computer, tablet and smartphone. There is no software to install.

Free to Try - No Credit Card Required

Create a free account and take a complete test-drive of our ordering system before spending any money.

Get notified when we launch it

We are running in private mode for a few schools and we will be launching this summer for the public!

Customer Success

“We’re using Gotomylunch since we retired our old system. I can’t even imagine running our lunch program without using gotomylunch. It’s a lifesaver for us, parents and schools.”

Louis Riso

Owner, Lunch with Lou - Mamaroneck, NY